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Are there children in your life who want to learn Oro(n)? This is the perfect dictionary! Included are pages filled with bright and colorful pictures and bilingual labels to help teach Oro(n) words to English speaking children.

Parents, teachers, and gift givers will find:

  • 1000+ illustrations of familiar objects
  • Pictures labeled with the English word followed by its Oro(n) equivalent
  • Phonetic spellings the words
  • Words grouped by themes

This dictionary is a fun way for young English-speaking children to build a basic vocabulary in Oro(n). It's never too soon to start teaching boys and girls a second language!

Perfect for children of all ages, these references employ stunning illustrations and photographs to bring to life the meanings of hundreds of essential terms. Filled with beautiful spreads, each pictorially defines many objects, people, concepts, and actions common to the everyday world of

It makes gentle introductions, it is a great way to introduce the language. The book features, A fun and easy way for young language students to expand their vocabulary and broaden their knowledge.

More than 1,000 images of familiar objects are labeled in Oro(n) and English, and structured by subject including: Animals, Action words, Colors, Position words, Directions, Numbers, Colo(u)rs… and many more!

Ideal for learners of all ages at school or at home, as well as teachers who can use it as a tool in the classrooms