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The festival in this commemorate descents from the sky and the founding of settlements and communities', promote individual and collective success and community regeneration and renewal. They are also encompass the world view and the universe of values in Nigerians. The compilation breaks new grounds in its months by months, state by state compilation incorporating highlights of each state's cultural and tourism attractions and maps of important heritage endowments.

It also avoids the errors which often make historical reconstruction from festivals problematic by avoiding, for example, the elements of the encounters in life festivals between Ile Ife and the Igbo which present day social and geographical distances makes impossible unless both of then were neighbours: which they once were.

The Calendar as an inventory constitutes a database, a national directory and a reference book and an instrument of empowerment to Nigeria's rural communities.

It enhances everyman's discovery of Nigeria's rich, natural, cultural and historical attractions.

As an inventory, it represents a capital and an asset for developing domestic and international tourism in Nigeria.