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AFRICA ON THE FLOOR - The Exhibition Catalogue

The owner of Swedish gallery modernafricanart, Lande Anjous-Zygmunt was looking for a way to bring the African artists Bruce Onobrakpeya, Muraina Oyelami, Nike Davies Okundaye, Ehi Obinyan, Sam Ovraiti and Tola Wewe to a new audience. What she found was a way to deconstruct the categories of art and design and to celebrate traditional art in a most contemporary form; the art rug. This is a collection that fits neatly into the artistic heritages of three continents, African, Asian and European, even while it transcends definition.

With 64 pages and over 30 full-colour photographs and illustrations, Africa on the Floor -The Exhibition Catalogue not only presents and documents modernafricanart's collection of art rugs but also deconstructs the wall between art and design.