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Antique Agai Male Wooden Figure (Niger)

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Agaie, town and traditional emirate, Niger state, west-central Nigeria. The town lies at the intersection of roads from Bida, Baro, Tagagi, Lapai, and Ebba. Originally inhabited by the Dibo (Ganagana, Zitako), a people associated with the Nupe, it fell under the sway of Malam Baba, a Fulani warrior, in 1822. After Baba had extended hisThis exquisite casting head is a fine example of one of the most famous metalworking traditions in world history. The details on this head are stunning, from the splendid facial expression, to the detailed rendering of its formal crown. One can only imagine the true splendor of the old court of  territory south to the Niger River, he requested the emir of Gwandu, the Fulani empire’s overlord of the western emirates, to establish a new emirate; in 1832 Baba’s son Abdullahi was inaugurated as the first emir of Agaie. Shortly after the chiefs of the Agaie emirate had given military aid to Bida (the adjacent Fulani emirate to the west) in its campaign of 1897 against the Royal Niger Company, Agaie was occupied by the British. In 1908 the emirate became part of a newly created administrative unit.