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BIAFRA: The Horrors Of War. The Story Of A Child Soldier (hardback)

"Biafra: The Horrors of War, The story of a Child Soldier" by Okey Anueyiagu, takes you inside one of the world's almost forgotten wars with devastatingly sordid and haunting imagery. The author conjures a frightening reality that very few people, especially children have ever encountered. With candid details, the author describes in a uniquely dramatic and movie-like style, the perilous mental and physical struggles that he and his people suffered. In his grappling with the pains and horrors of war, he exposes the transformative powers of perseverance, showing how Biafrans turned their pains and sufferings into strengths in endurance. The author, Dr. Okey, using this war, brings to the fore, the fact that despite the odds against the Biafrans; the hunger, the death, and that despite the silence of the world in the perpetration of the holocaust, the pogrom and the genocide, the people of Biafra survived by forging an unbelievable bond that allowed them to overcome the horrific conditions of the war. This book is a compelling classic. A perfectly recalled bitter and wicked account of a people's journey through darkness and a country gone berserk.