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Bamileke Stool from Cameroon

The Bamileke peoples live within the Cameroon Grasslands, a mountainous region in western Cameroon made up of many different kingdoms. Although the Bamileke peoples share artistic traditions with the Bamum and Kom neighbors, they produce works with distinct characteristics. Much of the art created by the Bamileke is for the king or ruler. Royal portraits and stools carved in wood are sometimes covered with beads, a prestige medium limited to royal use. The Bamileke also create commemorative figural sculptures and zoomorphic masks for use in ceremonies.

The craftsmen of the Bamileke are famed for their skill in woodcarving. They create a variety of remarkable round stools with repetitive openwork designs, all carved out of one tree trunk stump.

Each original piece, with its distinctive crosshatch design, is hand carved from a solid piece of wood. Bamileke stools are standout addition to any home and are the ultimate style statement in any contemporary or tribal inspired space, they can be used as a side table, coffee table or even a stool. 

Available in black

Sizes available:  50cm and 80cm diameter