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On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Oghogho ‘Gigi’ Dempster wore her heart on her sleeve. At almost thirty-one, she was single and ready to mingle after nearly two years of relegating her love-life to the curb in favour of growing her fledgling social media company. Her beautiful best friend Alana was newly pregnant for the love of her life, Benjamin Halal, and her sister Efemena ‘Fifi’ was married to wealthy aristocrat, Lotanna Dike. But on that February 13th night, Gigi wasn’t looking for what her best friend and sister had; not love or marriage, but a temporary connection and intimacy. How could she have known that that night would dramatically alter the course of her life?

‘Bridges are for Burning is an introspective story of modern romance. It is a story of consequences and choices; an examination of love, sisterhood and friendships with important themes: how far is too far to go for love? Are there truly unforgivable sins between friends and lovers? What emerges from the ashes of a life burned down to the ground—redemption, renewal or bitter regret?’
  • Angel Patricks Amegbe, author of The Days of Silence

‘Bina Idonije’s writing is layered, clever and funny, even when the subject is weighty.
 Bridges are for Burning is an easy but thought-invoking read. Her characters are so well developed that they will feel familiar to you by the end of the story. This is a testament to Bina’s imagination, and it is what makes this book a cut above your average paperback novel.’