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This is not a book on Islam, either as a religion, a legal system or a way of life. It is about the role of Islam in the dynamics of ethno-religious conflict, particularly in northern Nigeria. Nigeria has a complex ethno-religious profile, and thanks partly to the British colonial administration, a myriad of individual groups professing various faiths and belonging to different ethnicity have found themselves in a tense, unsettled and competitive political system. The variants of Islam in an increasingly tense society, such as northern Nigeria, is unique, given the heritage of this part of Nigeria that has become a source for communal unity rather than a force for division. From this particular standpoint, the book explains and evaluates the symbiotic relationship between Islam, conflict and conflict prevention. The book is thoroughly documented, meticulously sourced, deeply researched and thus provides valuable and factual information on the construction of Islam and conflict in northern Nigeria.