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Michelle is a little girl living in a small, rural Kenyan village with her older sister Wanjiku. They are put in charge of their mother’s market stall when she goes away to care for their grandmother. Michelle and Wanjiku are typical sisters who tease and challenge each other, trying to have fun even though the village they live in is experiencing a severe drought and everyone is miserable as a result.
 Things change one day when they go to their market stall and meet a beautiful stranger with cowries in her hair and a musical laugh. Her name is Malaika. She has a special aura and a kind gaze and takes the sisters under her wing. With her appearance, things in the village steadily and mysteriously improve. The sisters are happy, but they wonder how long this joy will last? And who exactly is this mysterious stranger? Malaika's Magical Kiosk teaches a moral about the power of kindness.