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The challenge of leadership in Nigeria has been a subject of repeated fascination for scholars, observers and the Nigerian citizenry. How can a country so blessed with human and natural resources fail so woefully in translating its assets into great achievement for the benefit of its own people? Why is Nigeria the way it is: a country that is now associated with poverty, insecurity, corruption and a despondent and frustrated citizenry? What happened to this same country that was once described as “the giant of Africa? How did the giant become a cripple?  What should our leaders have done that they failed to do? There is a consensus in this regard that the “problem with Nigeria is leadership” as Professor Chinua Achebe put it.  In Nigeria As I see It: Reflections on the Challenge of Leadership -  an impressive 400-page book written by Dr. Uma O. Eleazu, now made available to the public on the occasion of his 90th birthday, the dynamics of this problem is further analysed and interrogated.  Dr Eleazu’s thesis can be simply summarized in two words: “Leadership matters”.  He argues that  “..without leaders with integrity and understanding of human nature, Nigeria cannot make it as a nation”.  He echoes the same view once expressed by Professor Wole Soyinka that his generation belongs to a “wasted generation”. Dr. Eleazu should know. He has been actively involved in Nigeria’s development process for more than six decades.