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Ọtịta Anwụnta Gbanwere Ndụ Olu is the Igbo Language Edition of The Children’s Book ‘The Mosquito Bite That Changed Olu’s Life’ which was featured in The Washington Post as a ‘Top Pick’.

It was inspired by the author’s quest to get kids to ‘unplug’ and give their devices a break. The book seeks to address ‘Tech Addiction’ and the need for a periodic ‘Tech Detox’. It seeks to promote sibling/family bonds, Playtime, Outdoor play, Nature, Sports, Card/Board games, Chores etc

Studies have shown that excess screen time leads to an increase in cortisol levels (stress hormones), which can lead to health problems such as childhood obesity, anxiety and depression and other harmful illness. This also happens to adults. Reading books helps fix that to an extent.

The Book was edited by Jennifer Rees, an Award-winning Children’s Book Editor, including the Hunger Games Trilogy books.