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“A country whose annual budget is only $10 billion can play host to a $4 billion project like the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project in Bonny and yet not feel its impact directly on the economy. At least three major field developments worth over $3 billion are ongoing without the economy sneezing... Whereas these projects are being executed here with income also earned here, the multiplier benefits are felt in far flung places like Houston, Aberdeen, Tokyo, etc.”

They say talk is cheap, but in these 74 essays written and published between 1991 and 2022, Austin Avuru, oil man, corporate mandarin and public intellectual walks his talk, showing by the example of thriving companies he has founded, nurtured and built into successful enterprises that his theories for creating value and building generational and sustainable wealth are more than just talk but well thought-out processes anchored in cleared-eyed analysis. Having identified myriad problems facing Nigeria in the arenas of politics, the economy and the oil and gas industry Avuru provides clear insights that should guide policy and decision making at the highest levels to steer us right.