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Growing up I saw first hand the oppressive and exploitative character of the fulani-controlled Nigerian state. This further confirmed to me that something fundamental has been wrong with the British conscripted Nigerian state of irreconcilable forces. A creation primarily to service mainly British and Fulani interests rather than those of the indigenous nationalities.Prince of Benicrosia: The Making of a New African Nation, therefore is not just an ordinary literary adventure. The book is rather a spiritual and sociopolitical manifesto. A piece of art that seeks to describe the past, explain the present and forecast the great future that awaits the citizenry of Benicrosia.The book is for every Nigerian, African, international community, elites, humanity, the universal church of God, and so on. A material that cuts across age, gender, ethnicity, faith, and political lineage. It is a trumpet to awaken the present generation of Nigerians for a strategic civil duty to rescue the fatherland. The work is a clarion call not to allow the labours of our founding fathers to be in vain. A Blueprint for the establishment of Benicrosia the new homeland for all the oppressed and exploited indigenous nationalities.