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The problems of law enforcement in a developing country undergoing rapid social and economic changes are multifaceted. Nigeria Customs Service is a key revenue earner for the country. Not much is known beyond the occasional publicity of its operations and the larger than life image of a "gold mine".

The more one attempts to unmask the activities of the Service, the broader and more interesting the subject matter of Smuggling as an area of study prompting many logical questions. In fact, what makes the drama are these questions; and this the author sets out to answer in this book, Smuggling: The Crime, The Law. This book is basically a legal and sociological examination of the crime of smuggling divided into 2 parts.
Part 1 is narrative with the use of sensational cases. The characters are real. The scenes are true. To an avid reader, this part may satisfy the urge. Part 2 examines the various legislation on smuggling. To law students, legal practitioners legal drafters and all other people interested in the profession of law, this part will be most scintillating.