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Accounts of the ceding of Bakassi reveal the intrigues and betrayal of the people of the Bakassi by their government – from the delay in the issuance of a visa to enable the then Obong of Calabar travel to the Hague and the concomitant frustration of his efforts to testify at the hearings; to the allegation that the President of Nigeria had, during a trip to France, committed to both the Presidents of France and Cameroon to accept and abide by the decision of the ICJ prior to the judgement; and the abruptness and secrecy which appeared to characterise the signing of the Green Tree Agreement etc. – all appear to suggest that those involved may have been working towards an already determined objective on the Bakassi issue. Thus the story of Bakassi is also a study in the indifference and neglect of a people whose security and welfare should be the primary purpose of their government.