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A tale of twelve-year-old Zelma moving toward adulthood and preparing for her feature role in Kabana's dance competition.

Whirls of colour, merriment, and the beat of island drums form the backdrop for this tale of twelve-year-old Zelma moving towards adulthood. As she prepares for her featured role in Kabana's contribution to the dance competition in the annual carnival, she also navigates the confusing emotions that typically define adolescence.

Although Zelma realizes that her successful performance will bring glory to her community, as the day of the big event approaches, she learns that her talent may carry even further weight.

Combining details about tropical life and folk belief with the story of a young girl's efforts to understand her place within her family and in the outside world, The Carnival offers rich pageantry while illustrating the hopes and dreams that may transcend considerations of culture in directing any young girl's hopes and dreams.