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The drums called to each other. The drummers hailed each other and the calling and hailing got stronger and stronger. Then it got so strong that the drums and the drummers began to walk to the gates. All the children that had gathered round them got up and followed. They followed the drummers out through the gates and on to the open field.

“Together they danced on the path, the same path that brought the men who came to throw the flames that burned their homes. They danced happily on the path across the a continued to follow the drummers.

“They followed them to the baobab tree. And there under the tree, they came face to face with other children. They had come from the other village but they too swayed and skipped and hopped and laughed. They too were happy, just like them.”

Another exciting story promoting peace and tolerance from the internationally renowned writer and illustrator, Meshack Asare of Ghana.