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The implications are that Africa is also hopelessly out of reckoning in the global competition for extractive value. This failure in this most critical department is the most devastating for Africa’s feeble drive for holistic emancipation. The African geopolitical landscape is configured to ensure that the continent remains out of relevance in the global scheme of things. In fact, many of these political non-entities are condemned to permanent dependency, barely surviving on residues of value disbursement from powerful states to retain their fictive sovereignty. The dependency syndrome is deeply ingrained in the mindsets, such that the loyalties of the helmsmen of these states are more to their metropolitan controllers than their citizens. Also, internally, the leaderships trust, rule through, and are secured by a very small band of loyalists and persons from their ethnic bases and villages. The contractual circle of leadership is a narrow local constituency. The multiple dependency syndrome has posed a mortal danger to the integrity of Africa’s half-hearted striving for holistic emancipation. But the cynical beneficiaries of the untenable situation will defend this madness to the hilt. This is even as more misguided opportunists still want to carve out more fiefdoms for themselves. The people are manipulated on the basis of their ethnicity and religion to advance the agenda of these villains. In the ghettos of pan-Africanism, governance has become the exclusive domain of villainous egomaniacs. Nigeria has had a few of them; egomaniacal and psychotic patrons of the state. And they kill people very mercilessly to satiate these monstrous cravings. This is the scenario all over the continent. It is a direct outcome of Addis Ababa