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In 2016, I changed jobs and was deployed to a department outside of my core competence. When I resumed, I felt underutilized, however, I had to deal with that. So I began to document the principles I applied to thrive in my new department. Subsequently, I started The Millennial Employee community on Instagram – a platform aimed to help millennials like myself thrive in the workplace.

Three years after, I have decided to share my story and discoveries about thriving in the workplace with you through my book, The Millennial Employee. The wait is over, and I am excited to announce to my BellaNaija Family that my first book is here! Are you at a job you dislike or feel undervalued? I have been there, and I can help. Asides from the fact that the book gives clarity for where you are, you will gain insight and inspiration for the journey ahead. The Millennial Employee addresses five important dynamics of the workplace.