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"The Nigerian Environment: Past 100 Years and the Future" is a commemorative publication that emerged as part of the country's Centenary celebrations in 2014. This comprehensive work was assembled following a symposium organized by the Nigerian Environmental Study Action Team (NEST), generously supported by the Federal Ministry of Environment.

The book covers a wide array of topics, encapsulating the entirety of the environment, and is thoughtfully organized into 12 distinct thematic areas. These areas include
 land resources, water resources, the atmosphere, ecosystems, forests, and biodiversity, coastal and marine environments, energy and environment, environment and health, urbanization, industry, and waste management, environmental education and awareness raising, disasters and emergencies, as well as environmental governance, economics, and the management of Nigeria's environment.

Within each of these thematic areas, the publication delves into a comprehensive analysis of the trends in managing the Nigerian 
environment over the initial hundred years of the country's existence. It then extends its purview into the future, projecting sustainable strategies and practices.

This publication holds a place of great significance as a national reference work on environmental matters and sustainable development. It serves as a beacon for policymakers, scholars, and concerned citizens, offering invaluable insights and guidance to shape a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future for Nigeria.