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A young woman who chooses love. A daughter who must repay her mother’s sacrifices. A filmmaker accused of stealing her own creation. A woman held up by faith, family and true friendship when her world is rocked to its very foundation. Omoni Oboli has played as many roles in life as she has on the big screen. But a movie ends and life goes on. The Stars are Ageless presents the true story of the woman hailed as “The Box Office Queen” of Nigerian cinema.

These life experiences shaped Omoni into who she is, and promise that we will see much more from her.

Omoni’s memoir is a compelling read. It tells the story of a young lady who literally pulled herself up by the bootstrap in her quest to achieve her passion and place in an undefined industry. The lesson being, believe in yourself and your abilities. The adage “he who dares, wins,” is at play here.