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A rare and vivid portrait of Africa. Nigerian writer creates a tapestry of stories reflecting private joys and woes, urban celebrations, blissful reunions and contemporary villages. The Tale of the Cow Tail & Other Stories from the African Diaspora ($12.95, 2012) is a captivating journey into African traditions, culture and lifestyles. Through the eyes of Nigerian writer, Lanre Ogundimu, the reader is offered an intensely personal look at the magic of the Motherland and the mystery of its customs.  The eclectic collection of sagas  both fiction and non-fiction shatters myths and unveils hidden truths in a part of the world that is ripe with beauty and intrigue. Ogundimu skillfully explores a little known side of African life from schoolyard bullies to enduring friendship, from childhood fears and fantasies to whirling, acrobatic dancers. In the story, Palm Wine, Women and Gossips, the reader will be charmed by a bow-legged bar owner and his vivacious, sharp-tongued wife. In Saraa, lessons are shared about neighborhood camaraderie and beliefs in the supernatural. Meanwhile, It`s a woman`s thing stirs up feelings of love, devotion and patience. All this against the backdrop of a beautiful country side, dotted with Baobab trees and thrust amid the syncopated rhythm of Yoruba songs, chants and drums. The reader can almost hear the music, and smell the aroma of the rich stews and tangy, seasoned root vegetables. Ogundimu takes everyone, who dares, on an adventure so fascinating, it`s hard to return.