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The book Vaults of Secrets, is a collection of 10 short stories spanning 116 pages, each story served with the author’s intricate collection of punchy words and creative panache.

In the opening story of the book, we are treated to a tragic story of a woman whose life trajectory has been laced with bitter experiences of domestic violence, alcoholism, sex slavery and death.

In the story, ‘Till we Meet to Part no More’, Oluwakemi is on death row, and she shares her story with Elizabeth, a cell mate. We read of her sojourn in United States of America, how she meets and falls in love with a male nurse with whom she works in a care home in US. We read about their marriage and return to Nigeria to establish a business, and how a changed husband becomes abusive, and habitually beats his wife on the claim that she is the cause of his misfortune.