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Tasha's world crumbles. She reaches hard rock bottom and the only way to rise, is to listen with her heart.
Four days before her 14th birthday party, fun loving Tasha is devastated with the unexplained loss of her doting mother, Nektar.
Devin, her Dad, now has complete control over her life and begins to reveal his darker side. He demands her total obedience, with the promise of future power and domination.
Tasha wants to please him but suspects that there is more to Devin’s bizarre commands than meets the eye. And then one day on her way to school, Tasha meets Josh, an intriguing master of words. He offers her friendship, but also conditioned on her unflinching submission; this time with a promise of freedom.
Josh and Devin, two compelling voices, demanding her allegiance. The pressure of having to choose becomes unbearable, and now Tasha just wishes she could be her mummy’s baby again. Tasha goes through loss, pain, isolation, torture; and a journey into unimaginable worlds, before she finally finds the answers her soul truly craves.