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"Among the most spectacular beaded objects from Africa are the crowns of Yoruba kings in Nigeria. The faces on the crowns represent and honor ancestors and the inclusion of birds on many of the crowns refers to the spirit world and the king's ability to mediate between the realms of human beings and spirits. Repeated patterns in the design suggest the interconnections of all life and the balance needed to sustain it."

Product Information The dimensions of the standard crown are 20" H x 9.25 " W. Provenance The Yoruba people, a Southwestern Nigeria ethnic group, value balance between the present and the past. This crown is the most important symbol of royal power and authority in Yoruba culture, connecting the past and present through royal family lineage. The first king of Yoruba gave a beaded crown to each of his sons and sent them forth to establish their own kingdoms. The faces depicted on either side… 


  • Handmade in South Africa
  • Crown is made from beads in black and white
  • Includes black metal stand
  • African & Manhattan Apartment Styles